Jerzy was born in Poland where he started flying as a teenager at a local flying club. He moved to Canada in the mid eighties, obtained his commercial pilot license and became a bush pilot. He still works as a bush pilot in Africa in the off season, but commits 6 month a year exclusively to aerobatics. He holds an Airline Transport Pilot License and has over 10000hrs of flying experience. He is also an Aerobatic Instructor and member of International Council of Air Shows with an Unrestricted Aerobatic Waver for Extra and Sukhoi aircraft, including formation aerobatics. He competes in aerobatics at Unlimited Level and is the current Canadian National Aerobatic Champion.

Jerzy flies a very dynamic aerobatic performance in his Sukhoi Su-26. His routine includes gyroscopic tumbles, torque rolls, tail slides, vertical inside/outside eight and other high energy aerobatic maneuvers. During his flight he experiences loads of +12 and -7 Gs and reaches speeds from 0 to 280mph. A local favourite we look forward to his performance.