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As the railway brought our country together from east to west aviation has built the North and it will be the means of transportation – and inspiration – to bring “wheels down” and “wheels up” air shows to 97 communities across the North. Led by some of the world’s best aerobatic pilots in the coolest airplanes, the most ambitious air show project is taking to the skies! Supported by the Canadian Armed Forces, the CAAT 2017 aims at bringing a spectacular air show experience to all communities in Northern Canada!

Beautiful, vintage aircraft will dazzle the audience with elegant aerial displays while modern, high performance aerobatic planes will demonstrate extreme manoeuvres and electrify the northern sky.

The CAAT has been working closely with Transport Canada and NavCanada to perform five categories of performances in order to to maximize reach to all communities:

Flybys – shows where aircrafts will not land but spectators can view the show above the airport or community;
Small air shows – four aircrafts or less;
Medium air shows – five aircrafts or less but not limited to five performers;
Large air shows – seven aircrafts or less but not limited to seven performers; and
Major air shows – more than seven aircrafts.

Note: Some shows may contain ground performances


Tour Schedule

Following the shows performers will and their crews will meet with spectators and visit communities allowing for an exchange 
of stories. Experiences along the tour will be shared online allowing all Canadians to be a part of this truly remarkable expedition!

The Environment

CAAT recognizes the importance of measuring and mitigating the emissions created as the tour commemorates our rich history and showcases Canada’s most northern territories and provinces. Canada’s leading carbon offset firm, will provide high quality carbon offsets developed from Made-in-Canada emission reduction projects that will be utilized to mitigate the associated emissions and deem the entire tour 100% carbon neutral. In keeping with our current government’s goals and targets around climate change mitigation and greenhouse gas reductions, CAAT is taking a leadership role in celebrating the Confederation of Canada while upholding our values and responsibilities as a nation.

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