Beginning in June 2017 the Canadian Arctic Aviation Tour (CAAT) will deliver a world class air show experience to almost 100 communities north of the 60th parallel. While this will undoubtedly be an unprecedented experience for most of those living in these communities, the CAAT 2017 organizing committee wants to do more–they want to make a difference!

This will be accomplished through the legacy project which will live on in schools and communities well beyond the air shows. Canadians north of the 60th parallel will share their stories, the value of tradition and heritage, their hopes and dreams for the future.

CAAT2017 will support their efforts with three broad initiatives:

David Bouchard 


Literacy Project


Wisdom Documentaries


Literacy Legacy

David Bouchard School & Community Presentations The project will kick off in February 2017 with a series of inspirational school and community presentations delivered by internationally recognized and nationally acclaimed Métis author and speaker David Bouchard.  In his interactive and engaging presentations David will address three broad themes with audiences:  the importance of literacy, the power of stories and storytelling, and the value of knowing and engaging one’s heritage.  He shares his story of discovering his rich heritage, plays and shows his many aboriginal flutes, and reads passages from his books. The initial winter tour will be augmented with additional presentations in the spring and fall in an effort to allow as many communities to share in his experiences. Along the way, David will encourage Canadians of all ages to create and share with him their own stories about life in the North. Literacy Project The ability to think and write in rich detail, at any age, is one that can be learned. They will have an opportunity to demonstrate their growth through the writing of stories that celebrate and honour life in communities north of 60.  These stories will be made available across the North and beyond in a variety of print and online formats, in both official languages as well as in local Indigenous languages. At the same time, the importance of preserving, revitalizing and teaching local Indigenous languages, as highlighted in the Truth & Reconciliation Report, will be addressed by ensuring the same support is made available to local language teachers. Wisdom Videos/Cellphone documentaries A picture is worth a thousand words!  In the fall of 2017, youth across the North will have the opportunity to learn the art and skills necessary to craft powerful visual documentaries of life in the North.  A robust online platform for remote instruction will be used to overcome distance and allow youth and adults to have real time access to nationally and internationally recognized documentary filmmaker, author and presenter Nikos Theodosakis. He will serve as an instructor and mentor for those engaged in the project. Completed documentaries will be showcased alongside other community stories on the CAAT website beginning in the Fall of 2017.