Please help make the CAAT 2017 dream a reality!


The Canadian Arctic Aviation Tour is a volunteer-run project that will bring an air show to 97 communities in Northern Canada to inspire our youth, educate Canadians, and celebrate one of the greatest regions of our nation during a year of celebration for Canada’s 150th anniversary! The North accounts for 40% of Canada’s land mass and though it is home to only 0.3% of our population we own 25% of the global Arctic. This coupled with the 162,000 kilometres of Arctic coastline makes us an Arctic Nation.

The CAAT 2017 team has been working so hard to get to where we are now, yet we still have a lot of work ahead to ensure this incredible event unfolds to its full potential!

We are asking for your help to pull off this epic air show celebration. For only $25.00 CDN, you can have one of the 31,000 KMs of the journey dedicated in your name and receive an official CAAT 2017 certificate. The best part is that 100% of your donation will go towards achieving all the goals of this historic event!

As 2017 marks Canada’s 150th birthday, our nation will unite like never before in passion and celebration. Yet, while government, corporations and communities from the west coast to the east coast are planning events throughout the year, there’s been little talk of including programming that covers our third coast — our Arctic Coast.

Thus came about the idea of creating an event — yet more than just an event —  that would span our Arctic region and its 130,000 strong population bringing them into the Canada 150 celebrations.

And why not celebrate through the mystic, strength and innovation of aviation? — a resource that continues to be a cornerstone of life in the north. With that, we are adventuring to The Great North to perform 97 air shows across the Arctic to ensure ALL Canadians north of the 60th parallel have the opportunity to celebrate our great nation.

Taking off June 2nd, 2017, the CAAT’s team of air show performers will head due north to light up the Arctic sky for the entire summer, with their final performance in Iqaluit, the capital of Nunavut. With the enduring wonder of flight, we will bridge the divide between Northern and Southern Canada, and make history while we’re at it!

Please help make the CAAT 2017 dream a reality!

This project reaches out beyond the air show performances. The CAAT team is also developing an innovative education platform with community and thought leaders across the North to educate, empower and inspire young people to build opportunities and live their dreams!

The Canadian Arctic Aviation Tour plans to set a world-record for this epic air show braving challenges such as weather, terrain and limited resources to unite a country divided by geography. This endeavour will truly be coast-to-coast-to-coast creating a ripple effect of emotion for all those who experience the magic of CAAT.

Sounds incredible, right? We need your help to make it happen!

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*Donations made through this website are a gift to the Canadian Arctic Aviation Tour 2017.  Each contribution will be pooled to support the project. Should any portion of the project not be completed any remaining funds will be used to support the ongoing legacy and outreach mandates of the organization in Northern Canada. *

**KM certificate will be shipped through standard mail. **