“Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead

Those words could not be more true to a small group of aviation enthusiasts.  Just under two years ago that mantra was a motivator to create a world class event that would inspire Northern Canadians while bringing them an unparalleled air show event to see Canada’s 150th Birthday truly celebrated from Coast-to-Coast-to-Coast. With vision in their minds, passion in their hearts and a belief in the power of one’s dreams, they set out to make this happen. Thousands of hours later, they are ready to launch!

In their words:

It started with just an idea about a series of air shows across Canada’s North, something that’s never been done before. My journey throughout the project has led me to a deeper understanding of my fellow Canadians in arctic communities. I can’t wait for others to join me in a new appreciation for our beautiful North, an appreciation that can only come from education and exposure.”

Wendy Fowler

Director of Logistics and Airshows

“My life’s journey began with a backdrop of aviation and while I have pursued many other endeavours I have always been drawn back to these roots. I feel so privileged to help lead this epic aviation adventure and to be part of Canada’s 150th celebrations.”

Nancy McClure

Executive Director

As a pilot and performer I am over the moon excited to be a part of this project that will bring an entertaining form of aviation to people that would otherwise never have the chance to see these shows. Looking forward to seeing the smiling faces when we land and exchanging stories with everyone we meet.

Ken Fowler

Lead Air Show Performer